‘Captain Marvel’ Has HUGE Opening Weekend At The Box Office, Find Out How Much Money It Made Inside!

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Well, the box office is back. After an incredibly slow start in January and February, Marvel has saved the day in March. ‘Captain Marvel‘ was projected to have a $120 or $130 million opening, which would have been an acceptable (or even great) opening weekend for a comic book flick.

But it beat all the projections. Marvel’s first superhero film with a female lead made $153 million in its domestic debut. Even more impressive, it made $455 million worldwide, which is the sixth biggest global debut in the history of film. It’s the second biggest for a Marvel film only behind Avengers: Infinity War.

Vox explains:

Captain Marvel’s opening weekend is extremely impressive — especially if viewed independently of Black Panther’s record-breaking box office. Captain Marvel’s debut easily eclipsed the domestic opening weekends for Marvel’s other solo superhero debuts like 2016’s Doctor Strange($85 million) and 2015’s Ant-Man($57 million). It also beat the ultra-successful team-up sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($146 million).

And it achieved these numbers despite the efforts of trolls who tried to sink the movie’s online audience scores. (Critically, the movie has been met with mostly positive reviews.)

Typically, I’m not a fan of comic book films, and I don’t usually celebrate their success because they are taking over. Every damn month there is a new superhero movie. But just like with Black Panther, at least Captain Marvel is pushing boundaries. That’s something I can get behind, so today…let’s all celebrate the success of Captain Marvel.

But tomorrow, let’s try to think of some new films that don’t involve superheroes.

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