Call of Duty Writer On Board to Write Mission: Impossible 5!

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Will Staples has been tapped to write the script for the next Mission: Impossible installment. If you have been following this closely you might be thinking, “I thought there was a script already?”. You would be right. There is rumored to be an existing script that Drew Pearce of “Iron Man 3” wrote, that will now be used for scratch paper

Staples is well known for writing video games but we will get to see his work hit the big screen in Ben Affleck’s “Blood and Treasure”, but if you have ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or 2013’ss Need for Speed: Rivals then you are already familiar.

Christopher McQuarrie is onboard as director and of course, Tom Cruise has signed on to return as Ethan Hunt. Even at age 51, no one can do it better. We most recently saw the McQuarrie – Cruise combo in ‘Jack Reacher’. Jeremy Renner, the beautiful Paula Patton and Simon Pegg will also be reprising their roles from ‘Ghost Protocol’, which by the way, happened to grossed $700 million worldwide. With one of the most extensive film careers of any A-lister,  ‘Ghost Protocol’ is Tom Cruise’s highest grossing film to date.

The only issue with M:5 is that we will have to wait until the release date of Christmas Day 2015.

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