Brendan Fraser Explains It All In Emotional Interview, Reveals He Destroyed His Body Doing Movie Stunts: “I Was Probably Trying Too Hard”

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Remember the video above? It was all over the internet two years ago. It was easy to see that Brendan Fraser was depressed. You can just look in someone’s eyes and see it. He did not want to be interviewed. He probably wanted to be alone inside his house with all the lights off and a tub of ice cream.

And now we know why, thanks to a recent profile with GQ. The 49-year-old actor revealed that just a few days before doing that interview he lost his mother.

“‘I think I was in mourning, and I didn’t know what that meant.’ He hadn’t done press in a while; suddenly he was sitting on a stool in front of an audience, promoting the third season of a show he’d barely been on. ‘I wasn’t quite sure what the format was. And I felt like: Man, I got f–king old. Damn, this is the way it’s done now?'”

In the interview, Fraser also revealed he was trying “too hard” at one point in his career. He was taking any job he could get, and that f–ked his body up.

“I believe I probably was trying too hard, in a way that’s destructive. By the time I did the third Mummy picture in China [in 2008] I was put together with tape and ice — just, like, really nerdy and fetishy about ice packs. Screw-cap ice packs and downhill-mountain-biking pads, ’cause they’re small and light and they can fit under your clothes. I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily.”

He had a partial knee replacement and several back surgeries, revealing he basically spent seven years going in and out of the hospital, which is the main reason he was out of the spotlight for so long.

The other reason? He was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association…

“On Fraser’s way out of the hotel, he was hailed by Philip Berk, a former president of the HFPA. In the midst of a crowded room, Berk reached out to shake Fraser’s hand. Much of what happened next Berk recounted in his memoir and was also reported by Sharon Waxman in The New York Times: He pinched Fraser’s ass—in jest, according to Berk. But Fraser says what Berk did was more than a pinch: ‘His left hand reaches around, grabs my ass cheek, and one of his fingers touches me in the taint. And he starts moving it around.’ Fraser says that in this moment he was overcome with panic and fear.”

It’s safe to say Fraser’s life hasn’t been the greatest the past few years, but it’s getting better and now he’s starring in the upcoming FX series, Trust, which is scheduled to premiere March 25, 2018.




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