A Blockbuster Video In Alaska Has Become A Tourist Attraction (VIDEO)

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Most Blockbusters across the country have closed. My local Blockbuster is now a taco joint, and before that, it was a Spirit Halloween store. It’s been several years since I smelled the inside of a Blockbuster. Those who have been in one before know the smell I’m talking about. It’s freshly cleaned carpet, mixed with bagged popcorn and a touch of Junior Mints.

According to Vice, there are only 10 Blockbuster Video stores remaining. Six of those stores are in Alaska. One of the reasons Blockbuster is still a success in Alaska is because of the “dark, long winters and sparse layout,” and you have to remember Wi-Fi is more expensive out there than in other states.

One of the more popular Blockbuster stores in Alaska has become a tourist attraction. When people visit Alaska, they’re not only stopping to see the incredible scenery and wildlife, they’re also visiting this store to take photos and maybe rent a movie or two.

Check out the video below…




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