Bill Hader Talks About Playing Santa In New Disney+ Film ‘Noelle’

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If you’re one of the 10 million people who already have Disney+, there is a chance you’ve watched the streaming network’s original film, Noelle.

The Christmas flick stars Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader.

Hader co-stars as Nick, brother to Noelle (Anna Kendrick), who has just realized that he has to take over the role held by his recently deceased father, Santa Claus. Not ready to deal with the pressure that comes with being Jolly Ol’ Nick, he runs away to Phoenix, Arizona where he becomes a yoga teacher who finds his zen in a place completely unlike his hometown, the North Pole. 

When Noelle finds him, he must discover if Santa lives inside him or if maybe, there’s someone else more prepared to take over the family business.

I haven’t watched the movie, but I get the feeling I know what happens just from that description. The movie has received negative-to-mixed reviews from critics, but it obviously wasn’t made for critics.

Filming for this movie took place two years ago, and Collider talked to Hader on set in Vancouver.

He was asked if he thought this movie could become another classic like Elf…

I don’t know. You never know with anything. It’s like you always do things, and everything you work on one day you’re like, ‘This is the classic.’ And then the next day you’re like, ‘Oh, no one’s gonna see this. This is so terrible.’ When I was at Saturday Night Live, you would do a character and go, ‘Well, people are gonna love this.’ And then people hated it, or people never wanted to see it again.

So, basically…that’s a no. He does not think it’s a classic. But speaking of classic holiday films, Hader did reveal his favorite…

My favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story I love. Oddly enough, Life of Brian. I love that movie. I watch Life of Brian on Christmas because it makes me laugh.

Solid choice. I’ll always have a special place for Home Alone and the original The Santa Clause. Also The Ref…I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!




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