‘Big Hero 6’ Directors Talk About The Chances Of Making A Sequel

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What happens when a film makes an insane amount of money at the box office? A sequel. Because you must keep that money train moving down the tracks. Disney’s animated film Big Hero 6 is a prime candidate for the sequel train.

The film grossed over $500 million worldwide and has been nominated for several awards. In fact, it will probably take home the award for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars this Sunday night. It’s been a huge success for everyone involved, and now directors Chris Williams and Don Hall are discussing a possible sequel.

In an interview with Variety, Chris Williams discussed being motivated by the story and not the paycheck.

“If it’s not a great story, it won’t be a great movie. The crew deserves a great story. And we have expectations from the audience, who grew up with Disney animation. They deserve a great story too.”

And when asked about a possible sequel during an interview with Creative Screenwriting, Don Hall admitted they are still exhausted from the first one.

“We’ll see. We just finished this one, and the truth is, we’re exhausted from the ordeal of making it. It was really fun, but it was long hours, and it was pretty intense. It’s a pretty emotional time for us. So we haven’t talked about or thought about any sequels or anything like that. Having said that, of course, we love these characters, and the thought of working with them again some day definitely has its appeal.”

That is definitely a yes. You will be seeing a sequel to Big Hero 6.




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