Beverly Hills Cop 4 Gets the Green Light & Eddie is In.

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Some people will be excited by this news, but I’m pretty annoyed. Part of me is excited but most of me is just annoyed. The lack of Hollywood original ideas has lead us down to a 4th Beverly Hills Cop. The movie has been green lighted by Paramount and will be released in March of 2016.

The other disappointment is that Eddie Murphy will be back. I haven’t seen a good Eddie Murphy movie since his role in Dreamgirls. There has been way too many horrible efforts by Murphy: A Thousand Words, Tower Heist, Meet Dave, Norbit and half of those were nominated for Razzies!!

The good news is that Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing and Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are writing the script. Nemec and Applebaum were behind the latest Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which by all movie standards, “Rocked”.

Maybe with a great budget a good supporting cast the 50 something year old Murphy can channel his inner funny and deliver what will be some super high expectations. The first three movies pulled in about $735.5 million worldwide so anything less then $80 million will be a disappointment.

Looks like we have two years to wait and see.




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