Belle Takes Down Batman: Beauty and the Beast Breaks March Box Office Record, Find Out How Much It Made Inside!

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Damn. We all expected Beauty and the Beast to make an incredible amount of money during its opening weekend, but we didn’t expect this number.

The live-action adaption smashed nearly every box office record for a film opening in March. It took home $170 million this past weekend, which was enough to make it the highest opening weekend ever for a March release. Last year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took home $166 million.

In total, Beauty and the Beast took home $350 million worldwide, which means it’s on track to hit the $1 billion mark before the end of its run in theaters across the world.

The film cost around $300 million to make and market, so the studio has already made its money back. It took just one weekend for them to see success on a $300 million investment.

It’s interesting because most critics agree this is not the best Disney has to offer. The film has received mixed reviews, but it’s still on track to be the most successful adaption Disney has offered recently.

Greg Foster, chief executive of IMAX’s filmed entertainment, told the New York Times there is a clear reason for its success…

“The world is a pretty cynical place right now, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ gave audiences an opportunity to go back to a time of innocence.”




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