Battle Los Angeles Review

Before watching the movie was struck by the amount of bad press that the movie was getting.
I must admit that I have a soft spot for these apocalyptic flicks and the movie was looking very good. From the reviews I read, it seems that people were expecting to see a deeper unique film, so I am not surprised at the disappointment.

Truth be told there isn’t a great deal to say about the story, it’s not different from the Independence day or any other Alien invasion movie out there, but what made it stand out to me was the way the sorry was told and most importantly, the mood and feel set by the Director and DP.

I really think something slightly unique was achieved here, we have seen this time of camera flow in other movies like Cloverfield but never quite like in this scale. Technically everything was marvelously done, even when you saw the aliens you didn’t feel completely disappointed (remember Signs?)

The acting was a bit below average but Aaron Eckhart was a dominant force, making everyone around him not look as bad as they truly are! 😀

There was one thing that really disappointed me, I loved the main music theme in the trailer, and I thought it was going to be the main movie’s score, but you never get to hear it in the movie, it would have helped set the mood in some scenes that desperately needed a bit of extra personality.

All and all a very fun movie to watch if you don’ have too many expectations, I give it a solid 70%.

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  1. It wasn’t that bad, but totally a Pop Corn Flick.

  2. i really liked it, the action sequences were really good, made you fell like you were there, the shaky camera made me a bit sick as usual, but it wasn’t too bad, at least compared to the blair witch project where i almost threw up in the theater.

  3. after leaving the theater i couldn’t remember anything that happened in the movie, that cant be a good sign. lol

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