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Jordan Peele Has Wrapped Filming On Mystery Project ‘Nope’

We have some good news for all you Jordan Peele fans! Filming has been completed on his most recent feature, Nope. It’ll be his third feature following the success of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’

Not much is known about this movie, but we do know it was shot on Kodak film, including 65mm film in IMAX format. So he shot this film for IMAX, which probably means he’s working with the biggest budget he’s ever worked with.

I’d expect this film to be “bigger” than his previous films. We know it has an impressive cast, which includes Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun.

We also know that Hoyte van Hoytema served as the cinematographer, which is pretty significant. Hoytema has worked on big films like Dunkirk, Interstellar and Tenet.

It’s clear Peele wanted to work with the best of the best for this feature. We still don’t know any details surrounding the film’s plot, but the poster is giving us a sci-fi/horror vibe.

‘Nope’ is expected to hit theaters on July 22, 2022, which means a trailer should drop sometime in late winter/early spring 2022. We’ll keep you posted.

Nicolas Cage Set To Play Dracula In Upcoming Universal Monster Flick ‘Renfield’

Nicolas Cage has given off vampire vibes his entire career. I mean, he kinda roleplayed as one in the 1989 film ‘Vampire’s Kiss’

But now he’ll be playing perhaps the most famous vampire of all time, Dracula, in the upcoming Universal film, Renfield.

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, Dracula’s familiar henchman. Chris McKay, director of The Tomorrow War, has signed on to direct this project for Universal.

In the original Dracula novel, R.M. Renfield was an inmate at a lunatic asylum who was thought to be suffering from delusions but actually is a servant of Dracula. Plot details of the movie weren’t announced, but it’s believed to take place during the present day and is not a period piece.

It’s not clear how much this film will stick to the source material, but given that it’s expected to take place during the present day, we wouldn’t expect an exact copy.

One thing is for sure, you can expect at least one Cage freakout in the flick. I mean, you can’t have Cage playing Dracula without at least one freakout.

NOT THAT CAGE NEEDS A FREAKOUT! In all seriousness, he’s an extremely talented actor. If you haven’t watched ‘Pig’ yet, please change that. It’s a subtle Cage performance, but it might be one of his best.

No word on when ‘Renfield’ will be released, but we’ll keep you posted.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Is Set To Have A Record-Breaking Box Office Opening

Cinema owners all across the country are thanking Sony this week as it’s becoming quite clear that ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home‘ is about to bring people back to theaters in a way we haven’t seen for at least two years now.

The film had its first day of pre-sales yesterday (November 29th) on Fandango and it’s already outperforming sales of the 2019 Avengers: Endgame flick, Black Widow, and even Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which went on to make over $1 billion at the box office.

Kentucky exhibitor Rick Roman told Deadline:

I have not seen anything like this since Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Once the tickets went on sale, they went through the roof.  I added more screens.  Thank you Sony.

Anticipation for this Spider-Man flick is reaching an all-time high, as it promises to bring together 20 years of live-action Spider-Man movies.

The previous Spider-Man flick, Spider-Man: Far From Home, was released in 2019 and made just over $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Experts predict this movie could bring in over $100 million during its opening weekend in the states, which would obviously break all kinds of records in this new pandemic world we’re living in.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters December 17, 2021. Check out the trailer below…

First Reactions To Upcoming ‘West Side Story’ Are In! Find Out What The People Are Saying!

Everyone has been patiently waiting for more information on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming ‘West Side Story’ adaptation. They had been extremely protective of this flick for months, but now, just a little over a week before its wide release, the first reactions are here!

The film had its world premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles. The musical movie event premiered just days after the death of Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics for the original production of the musical.

Early reactions from the premiere have been overwhelmingly positive. Check out some of the tweets below…

Reactions are sometimes boosted during premiere events, but I think it’s fair to say the hype is real with this one.

This could potentially make a lot of noise this awards season. West Side Story will hit theaters on December 10.

Check out the trailer below…

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Wins Box Office, But Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Licorice Pizza’ Breaks A Record!

Well, it was a somewhat successful Thanksgiving weekend at the box office. We told you last week that if Disney’s ‘Encanto‘ film could break the $50 million mark, it’d be a huge win.

Well, it didn’t quite get to $50 million. It made $40.3 million this past weekend, which is what the experts were predicting. It’s certainly not a bad number, and it easily won the box office, but it’s not an outstanding number either.

In total, the domestic box office haul (for all films) during Thanksgiving weekend 2021 was $142 million, which is obviously better than 2020, but it fails to come close to the $263 million total in 2019 and $315 million in 2018.

So the numbers are still behind, but it’s still a good sign, considering the two big movies that opened this weekend were not superhero films or part of a larger franchise. In 2019, Frozen 2 helped boost numbers, and in 2018, Ralph Breaks The Internet and Fantastic Beasts helped ticket sales.

This year, Disney put out an original film. The other big movie was House of Gucci, which made a respectable $20 million this past weekend.

So there is some reason to celebrate. And actually, there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate if you’re Paul Thomas Anderson. His coming-of-age flick, Licorice Pizza, was released in just four theaters this past weekend. Three in New York and one in Los Angeles.

But those four theaters made bank. The film made $335,000 in total and $83,852 per location, which was more than enough to shatter the best-pandemic era debut record at the independent box office.

In its first three days of release, ‘Licorice Pizza’ surpassed A24’s black-and-white drama ‘C’mon C’mon,’ which previously held the record for best platform launch after generating $135,447 on five screens — averaging to $26,889 per location. Prior to that, indie darling Wes Anderson set the pandemic-era arthouse benchmark with ‘The French Dispatch,’ which grossed $1.3 million from 52 theaters — averaging $25,000 per location.

Licorice Pizza will open nationwide on Christmas, and you should watch it. It’s very good.

Channing Tatum Returning To The Stage One More Time For ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

Were you craving just one more shirtless dance from Channing Tatum? Well, you’re going to get it. Warner Bros. just announced that they are developing a third installment in the Magic Mike franchise.

Tatum confirmed the news by posting a photo of the title page for the script, which is appropriately titled, “Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

Steven Soderbergh is returning to direct the movie. He directed the original flick back 2012. The film took over the world and made nearly $170 million at the box office. From there, it sparked a sequel and even a successful stage show in Las Vegas. It has since expanded to London, Australia and Berlin.

According to the report, Magic Mike’s Last Dance will premiere exclusively on HBO Max. Rein Carolin, the writer behind the first two films, returned to write the script for this third installment as well.

In addition to the movies and the live shows, the franchise has also sparked a reality show.

The live shows inspired the upcoming HBO Max reality competition series Finding Magic Mike, which premieres on December 16. The series follows 10 men who have ‘lost their magic’ as they bare their souls and learn to perform dance routines, with one winner being awarded a cash prize and a chance to perform on the Magic Mike Live stage in Las Vegas.

No word on a potential release date for this upcoming third installment, but we’ll keep you posted.

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Set Up To Have Massive $70 Million Thanksgiving Weekend

Every month, it seems like the box office gets a little better. As more time passes, more people feel comfortable enough to attend their local cinema.

And this Thanksgiving weekend will be a huge test. Thanksgiving is typically a great time for movies to be released. A lot of people have family visiting, and there’s nothing easier to do than to pack everyone up and send them to the movies.

According to a report from Deadline, Disney expects their latest feature ‘Encanto‘ to bring in around $40 million in domestic ticket sales this weekend. They believe they’ll get another $30 million overseas, which could set them up for a $70 million opening.

If it’s able to reach that mark, it’ll be a huge win for the studio. Typically, post-pandemic, the only movies crossing $50 million during opening weekend have been superhero films. So if Disney can hit that mark with an original animated film, it’ll be a big win.

The movie has received extremely positive reviews from critics, so all the ingredients are there for a successful holiday weekend.

The film tells the story of the Madrigals family, who occupy a magical house in an enchanted Columbian mountain town. The film follows Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz), the only child in the family without magical abilities, who is tasked with saving the family and their home after realizing that their enchanted powers are at risk.

Check out the trailer below…

Watch The First Trailer For ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ Featuring The Voices Of Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart!

We did it! We’re so deep in the superhero/comic-book universe that we’re now making movies about the PETS of superheroes.

In the upcoming animated movie, DC League of Super-Pets, Dwayne Johnson voices Superman’s furry best friend Krypto the Super-Dog. He teams up with other superhero pets to fight crime while their owners can’t.

In the new trailer, viewers got their first peek at Johnson’s take on the powerful pooch in the movie, written and directed by Jared Stern (“The Lego Batman Movie”) and co-directed by Sam Levine. Other super-powered pets saving the world include a pig who can grow to monstrous sizes, a super-fast turtle and a squirrel who can shoot lightning from its hands.

Hart will be voicing Ace the Bat Hound, who just so happens to be Batman’s dog. In addition to Johnson and Hart, you’ll also hear the voices of Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Keanu Reeves, Vanessa Bayer and Marc Maron, who will be voicing Lex Luthor.

DC League of Super-Pets will hit theaters on May 20, 2022. Check out the trailer below…

Paramount Is Giving ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Sequel Treatment

Well, that was quick. It’s being reported that Paramount Pictures has already begun development on a sequel to the recent Clifford The Big Red Dog film.

The original film just hit theaters a couple weeks ago and opened to number two at the box office. It made just over $16 million during its opening weekend, which was actually pretty decent considering it premiered on Paramount Plus at the same time.

In total, it’s made nearly $35 million at the U.S. box office, but more importantly, it’s the most watched film on Paramount Plus to date, so we’re sure they’re counting that as a huge win.

The news about a Clifford sequel comes in the wake of Paramount greenlighting a sequel to Paw Patrol: The Movie, that movie grossing $130.1M worldwide and buzzed to be a profitable title for the Melrose lot, even with a day and date release stategy on Paramount+ in the U.S.

No release date for the movie has been set, and it’s not clear if they’ll do another hybrid release, or if it’ll be exclusively inside theaters, but they have plenty of time to figure it out.

Deals are underway at this point for the sequel, and it’s still very early, but there’s a hope to bring back the original filmmaking team.

We’ll keep you posted.

‘Trolls 3’ Will be Coming To A Theater Near You In 2023

Back in 2016, DreamWorks animation did the impossible and created a film franchise based on the Good Luck Trolls dolls. The film premiered back in October of 2016 and made nearly $350 million at the worldwide box office.

A sequel, Trolls World Tour, was released in April of 2020, but thanks to the pandemic, it didn’t hit many theaters, so it’s difficult to determine how much it made or lost at the box office. However, it did make $100 million on streaming platforms, so obviously that was enough to give the green light for another project.

A third installment in the franchise is coming. The still-untitled film will be released inside theaters November 17, 2023. Yeah, it’s still two years away, so they really want you to be prepared for this.

The reason the studio is big on this film franchise is due to all the extra revenue it brings in…

Trolls has become an important property for Universal because beyond the film franchise, it benefits from all the ancillary goodies — video games, lunch boxes, toys, sleeping bags and touring concerts — that lend itself to a kids film.

It’s working on all levels for the studio, and until that money train ends, you’ll be seeing a lot more Trolls inside your local cinema.