Austin Butler Will Star As Elvis Presley In Upcoming Biopic With Tom Hanks

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You might be thinking, “What? Who is this Austin Butler dude?” Well, he’s Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend. That’s one thing. He’s also starred in a few Nickelodeon shows including Ned’s Declassified and Zoey 101.

So yeah, he’s been in the business since 2006, but this upcoming Elvis Presley biopic will definitely be his biggest role.

It was just announced that Butler will star in the upcoming biopic, which is being directed by Baz Luhrmann. The movie is expected to cover Elvis’ journey from dirt poor singer to global icon. It’ll also follow his complicated relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks will be playing the role of his manager, so that’s probably why they didn’t feel forced to land a popular actor for the role of Elvis. If you have Tom Hanks co-starring, you can take a risk or two.

The film will shoot early next year in Queensland, Australia, with Warner Bros Pictures distributing worldwide. The film will trace Presley’s elevation to a level of stardom and celebrity matched only by The Beatles, set against an evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America.

It’s safe to say no one was happier than Hudgens…

By the way, some people are claiming Butler only got the role because he’s the boyfriend of Hudgens, but uh, they’re so very wrong. Do they really think Hudgens has that kind of power in Hollywood? High School Musical was over a decade ago. She’s not a power player anymore.




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