As Expected, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Had Most Successful Opening Weekend Ever, Get The Impressive Total Inside!

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Even though Disney was like, “Hey, dudes. Chill…we might not break any records,” we all knew the truth. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was always going to shatter almost every box office record in history. The only question was just how much the opening weekend would bring in.

We have our answer now. The film had the largest opening in North America in history with an impressive $238 million opening weekend. The previous record holder was Jurassic World at $208.8 million, which proves the general audience doesn’t want original stories as much as they claim. Why start a new franchise when you can just make loads of money off an existing one? It’s a great business decision in a previously creative world.

Surprisingly, Jurassic World still has the title for the biggest opening globally. Star Wars brought home $517 million worldwide while Jurassic World had a worldwide opening of $525 million.

An analyst with Exhibitor Relations told Variety the following…

“This is a record that will stand for a long time. This gives us an idea of how much a movie can make on a particular weekend.”

And Disney will continue to make money off this franchise. They are currently working on four more Star Wars-related movies.

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