Apple Is Trying To Ruin The Movie Theater Experience? Company Plans To Put Out New App That Encourages Cell Phone Use In Theaters

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After several years of begging people to turn off their cell phones at the movie theater, and not really making much progress, Apple is going to make things even harder for us sane folks.

According to a report from iPhone leak source Sonny Dickson, Apple’s iOS 10.3 update will include a feature called theater mode. There will be a popcorn-shaped icon that you can click on and off.

Once in theater mode, your phone will be free of noise, and you won’t be able to receive phone calls or any other notifications. But everything else works fine, so you could play Words with Friends while watching the 35th Fast & Furious film.

Wait. That makes no sense. If you purchased tickets to watch Fast 35, Words with Friends probably wouldn’t be your first gaming choice. Maybe Color with Friends.

This theater mode will also dim your screen, but that’s the part that really bothers me. Any light inside a dark theater is distracting. I don’t see how they’re going to dim the screen enough. It’s going to be distracting no matter what.

I really hope this theater mode is simply a silly rumor. We don’t need this. If we can’t be away from our phones for two hours WHILE BEING ENTERTAINED BY A MOVIE, then maybe we don’t deserve to have a theater experience.

You could argue that Apple knows some people are going to be on their phones regardless, and this app will at least make it less distracting. That’s a fair argument, but I think it’s going to encourage more people to use their phones as well.

We’ll see…




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