Apparently, Nicolas Cage’s Horror-Action Flick ‘Mandy’ Is Really Great

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You can tell a lot about a person by how much they love Nicolas Cage. If they don’t love him at all, they’re probably a terrible person. If they’re in love with him, well, they clearly should be your best friend. Make them the God Parents of your first born.

Cage gives every performance 110%, even when the role doesn’t call for 110% effort. He’s a legend, and while he’s had a lot of misses in his career, he sometimes strikes gold with a legit hit.

It looks like his latest film, Mandy, is one of those surprise hits. The action-horror film is sitting pretty on Rotten Tomatoes with a 95% rating. 84 critics have loved it, and just 4 have found it to be rotten.

One of the reviews (a positive one) described this movie perfectly by writing, “[Nicolas Cage] finally meets a director that’s as willing to go as over-the-top as he is.”

And that’s how a great movie is made. When the director matches up perfectly with the cast and crew…when everyone involved knows EXACTLY what they’re going for, it creates this open atmosphere where everyone can dive right in.

You can watch the trailer for Mandy below. It’s in select theaters across the country right now and it’ll be available to stream next month.

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