Another Stunt Person Has Died During Filming, Latest Incident Comes From The Set Of ‘Deadpool 2’ In Vancouver

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Some of you may remember hearing about the tragic accident last month on the set of The Walking Dead. A stuntman by the name of John Bernecker died after missing the landing of a building-jumping stunt.

Sadly, just one month later, another stunt person has died in a terrible accident. A female stunt driver working on Deadpool 2 in Vancouver died during a motorcycle stunt. According to Global News, the stunt driver “plummeted through a glass window at Vancouver’s Shaw Tower after being sent flying into the air from the seat of her motorcycle.”

Her name has not been released, but Vancouver police did confirm the news on their Twitter account…

Obviously, filming on the sequel has been temporarily halted as the investigation continues. No word on when filming will start back up, but we do know they started filming back in June. They were expected to end filming in late August.

Deadpool 2 is currently scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on set, and the friends and family of the stunt driver.

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