Andrew Garfield Had To Lose A Shocking Amount Of Weight For His Role In ‘Silence’

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When you have the opportunity to work with someone like Martin Scorsese, you don’t let it go to waste…even if it means you must put your body through hell.

Andrew Garfield stars in the director’s new drama Silence, which opens for a limited release Dec. 23. The film has been receiving a lot of love from critics, and that has to make Garfield a very happy man because he put in a lot of hard work to master his character.

He and his co-star Adam Driver play 17th-century Jesuit priests who travel to Japan looking for their mentor. Both Garfield and Driver had to lose a ridiculous amount of weight for the movie.

Garfield dropped 40 pounds, which is a little scary because he was already pretty thin to begin with.

“We had to look as if we had been on a long, arduous boat trip from our native Portugal. … Right at the beginning of the film, we kind of had already gone through our dysentery phase. The choice of what costume to wear is the same as losing that amount of weight. It’s just a necessary thing for the reality of the piece. So that was very challenging, not eating is very challenging.”

But it was worth it. Garfield claims that it’s actually fulfilling and satisfying, “You learn a lot of information from emptying out.”

I’m pretty sure the only thing I’d learn was that I really love food.

In addition to the extreme diet, Garfield and Driver also went to a silent retreat in Wales to prepare for their roles.

“It’s a wonderful thing. Just after about three days everything shifts. Your central nervous system just kind of settles down and it becomes normal. You go into all these meditation and prayer rooms and the quiet in there is the loudest thing you’ve ever f–king heard. It’s crazy. You literally go in there and your ears start ringing. it’s the purest silence that you could know.”




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