An ‘Easy A’ Spinoff Is In Development, Original Screenwriter Attached To Project

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It’s been nearly ten years since Emma Stone had her breakout starring role in Easy A. The coming-of-age comedy was released in 2010 and earned positive reviews from critics. It was made on an $8 million budget and earned $75 million worldwide.

And now Screen Gems is trying to develop a spinoff. They’ve apparently called on Bert Royal to write the script. He was the screenwriter on the original film.

Insiders stress that the film is still in early development, as Royal is still in the process of writing the screenplay. After ‘Easy A’ became a breakout hit, the studio opted to task him with directing duties as well. The spinoff will mark Royal’s directorial debut. Zanne Devine is returning to executive produce.

Sources say this spinoff will be set at the same high school and will “explore many of the same themes as the original.”

Odd. I mean, I enjoyed the movie, but I’m not sure they did enough worldbuilding to warrant a spinoff. I haven’t been sitting here thinking, “Man, I wish they’d do more at that high school from Easy A”

If anything, it was Emma Stone’s performance that was memorable. She’s not going to be involved in this spinoff, so yeah…not sure how to feel about this.




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