‘Aladdin’ Hopes To Have $80 Million Opening Over Memorial Day Weekend

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It’s been a long road to the big screen for Disney’s latest live-action remake, Aladdin. Most of the drama has surrounded Will Smith’s portrayal as Genie. Fans first complained that he wasn’t blue enough, then they said he was too blue, then they said he was scary, and the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, Disney was able to win some fans back with the release of a second trailer, which featured more footage and gave us our first taste of the music.

And they’re hoping they did enough to make at least $80 million during the film’s opening weekend. Aladdin will hit theaters May 24 during Memorial Day Weekend.

Box office watchers believe ticket sales could near $100 million through Monday, when kids are out of school for the holiday. That number could fluctuate in the three weeks leading up to the film’s arrival as Disney finalizes its marketing rollout. We can only assume those efforts include taking extra steps to assure audiences that Will Smith’s disturbingly blue Genie won’t be so jarring on the big screen.

For comparison, the ‘Jungle Book‘ remake made $103 million during its opening weekend and ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ made a cool $174 million.

So while they’d be okay with an $80 million opening, they have to hoping it crosses the $100 million mark.

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