A24 Tries To Continue Their Hot Streak With James Franco’s ‘The Adderall Diaries’ — Watch The Trailer Inside!

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2015 was a huge year for A24. They seem to have found a perfect recipe to create/purchase films that are both successful with critics and successful at the box office. You have The Spectacular Now, Room, Ex Machina, While We’re Young, and most recently The Witch.

They are on fire, and they’re hoping to continue the success with The Adderall Diaries, a film based on Stephen Elliot’s 2009 true-crime memoir. The film stars James Franco, Amber Heard, Christian Slater, Cynthia Nixon and Ed Harris.

Franco plays Stephen Elliot, a once-successful writer, who becomes engrossed in a high-profile murder case to distract himself from his personal troubles, which include trying to deal with his vindictive father and drug dependency.

The adaptation was written and directed by Pamela Romanowsky. It actually had its world premiere last year at the Tribeca Film Festival. It will debut as a DirectTV exclusive on March 10. It’s not expected to hit theaters until April 15.

You can watch the trailer below. It certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be one of A24’s best films, but it’ll probably be worth the $10 movie ticket.


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