4 Insane Theories About ‘Home Alone’ That Will Probably Leave You Feeling Confused And Scared

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Home Alone is a holiday favorite for almost every family. I watch it every single year with my family, on the same date, and almost the same time. It’s a tradition, and the film never fails to make me smile and laugh. How could you not smile while watching this movie? Watching Kevin battle the Wet Bandits? That’s entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

But what if Kevin grew up to be a serial killer? Or what if Gus Polinski was actually the devil? Check out the list below if you like ruining great things in your life.



No. 4 – Did Kevin Grown Up To Be The Deranged Killer Jigsaw?

Adorable Kevin McCallister would never harm an innocent person, right? Sure, he seemed to REALLY enjoy giving Marv and Harry hell, but they deserved it! They tried to rob his house and eat his fingers! You would probably enjoy watching your booby traps go to work as well.

But there is one theory going around that claims he might have enjoyed torturing those guys a little too much. As this beautiful post on Reddit points out, it would be easy to see how Kevin could get the idea that all people are evil, even his own mother. His brother makes his life a living hell, his Uncle Frank is a douchebag, his family is always leaving him behind, his only real friends were the creepy old guy next door and the creepy old lady who loved pigeons more than humans.

Not exactly your normal childhood. This alone might be enough evidence to say Kevin turned out to be a disturbed/violent adult; however, let’s not forget how much little Kevin seemed to enjoy watching people in pain…

“Rather than run and hide, Kevin prefers to stand his ground and even seems, at some points, to revel in the pain and torment of two men who are, essentially, non-violent and unarmed. Kevin’s expertise in setting up death traps with a wide array of materials, quickly, and in myriad places becomes both his modus operandi and his signature as the Jigsaw killer.”

And who could forget his fetish for recording things? Recording his Uncle Frank in the shower, and then using it later to his advantage.

The Reddit user also points out Kevin’s unusual taste in film…

“A 10 year old might check out softcore pornography or cartoons or South Park, but Kevin instead watches film noir, a genre that includes over the top violence, vulgarity, anti-heroes, and social deviants.”

Click that link up there to read the full post.




No. 3 – Was John Candy’s Character The Devil?

John Candy’s character, Gus Polinski, saved the day in Home Alone. The Polka King of the Midwest just might be the nicest character in the movie, but there are some people out there who believe he’s just the devil in disguise. This theory gained some traction when a user from Reddit made a post about it almost two weeks ago.

First piece of evidence? The location where Gus meets Kate McCallister for the first time. The Scranton airport, which is located at a crossroads.

Why is this important? We’ll let Drewgarr explain

“In a nutshell it means that you can give an offering to the devil (in this case her soul) near a cross roads, the devil will show up and deliver it in exchange for the offering.”

And we all remember Gus Polinski’s face when he hears Kate say, “If I have to sell my soul to the devil himself, I am going to get home to my son.” His ears perked up like a dog hearing someone shake a bag of treats. It was then he walked up to her and offered her the free ride to Chicago. It was basically a done deal at that point.

Another Reddit user added this piece of information in the comments…

“You could also add in the ironic twist of fate that usually accompanies dealings with the devil, in this case it is the fact that if she stayed in the airport she would have arrived home at almost the exact same time.”

Oh and let’s not forget that in another John Hughes film, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Candy’s character briefly transforms into the devil…



No. 2 – Uncle Frank Hired Marv And Harry To Kill Kevin?

If you thought the first two theories were outlandish, just wait until you hear this one. This is one of the oldest theories floating around out there, but it’s also probably the least plausible. You can click on this link to read the full explanation, but basically some people believe Uncle Frank was the mastermind behind everything. He hired Marv and Harry to rob the McCallister’s beautiful house.

Of course he didn’t tell them about Kevin. His plan was for them to stumble upon him and be forced to kill him to cover up their tracks. This way it wouldn’t cost him money to have him killed.”

The article points out that Frank could have called Marv and Harry to let them know the house was empty while everyone was panicking at the airport.

While I would love for this to be true, there are just too many things that don’t make sense. Even if Frank somehow managed to plan everything just right (down to knocking out the power, and making sure the neighbor kid stopped by to check out the vans,) wouldn’t Marv and Harry tell the police the full story while being arrested? They never shouted, “IT WAS FRANK! HE SET US UP!”

Frank’s a jerk, but he’s not heartless.


No. 1 – Elvis Presley Was An Extra In The Movie…But Probably Not

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Elvis Presley died in 1977, Home Alone was released in 1990. So who is this bearded extra that looks similar to the King? COULD IT REALLY BE HIM? Anything is possible. It does look like him.

But then again, Donald Trump looks like this fresh ear of corn…





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