“24: Live Another Day” – Teaser Trailer and 11 Promo Photos

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I know we are a movie website but the buzz around 24 just can’t be denied.

The original series ran for 8 seasons and won a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series, and an Emmy for Outstanding Drama series.  At the series conclusion it was the longest run espionage TV show of its kind.  The movie version of the show was all set for production with a script, cast and everything when it was pulled for a variety of reasons including Kiefer Sutherland’s schedule and the budget.

Just when 24 was all but a memory, Fox decided to do 24: Live Another Day.  The limted run series will be 12 episodes that will zero in on the twelve most important hours of a normal 24 season.  There will be jumps around the clock as needed to keep the plot intact.

I was never a fan of the first series but sort of wish I was.  I will be tuned in for “Live Another Day”.  It might not be a movie but for fans of the series the excitement is just the same.

Here is the teaser trailer and promo photos that were released this week.  The series will have a two hour premiere on May 5th.


24 New Season Image 11

24 New Season Image 10

24 New Season Image 9

24 New Season Image 8

24 New Season Image 7

24 New Season Image 6

24 New Season Image 5

24 New Season Image 4

24 New Season Image 3

24 New Season Image 2

24 New Season Image 1

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